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Whale Shark Snorkel

Swimming with the largest shark in the ocean is definitely an experience you will never forget!  The whale shark is the largest fish in existence and can grow to around 12m in length and live around 100 years.  There have even been recordings of whale sharks reaching a whopping 16-18m long!

On the Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark aggregate in the area for feeding from March and can been seen in large numbers all the way through to August- September some times even later.  They are gentle giants, that are not easily disturbed by snorkelers and feed on plankton and other small organisms.  This makes them very special to swim with as you can often swim alongside them for long periods while they feed or search for food.

In the Ningaloo region there are several companies that offer whale shark tours.  All operators have a very similar schedule of the day, but they do vary in that they offer from lunch, to boats, to planes and in water fun.

Dive Ningaloo do not operate whale shark tours, focusing only on scuba diving trips, however we have been in the area a long time and work closely with many of the companies.  We know what they offer and how they differ so if you would like any advice on what is best for the experience you want then let us know and we’d be happy to chat to you about it.  We also can book whale shark tours for you and if you are also diving with us we can offer great discount on whale shark tours when you book a package deal with us!

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