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Whale Watching

Humpback Whale Watching

Dive Ningaloo - Whale WatchingEvery year between June – November Humpback whales migrate along the Ningaloo Reef to calf and mate, escaping colder waters of the south while travelling up the coast of Western Australia.

The humpback whales are a particularly impressive whale to observe. They are one of the most active whales, and can often be seen slapping with pectoral fins on the water, flicking their tails in the air known as flaking, spy hopping, and the best of all – breaching out of the water and landing with a huge splash.

Many of the whales have new calfs with them which are an incredible sight, as they travel alongside their mothers or play around in the water.

Dive Ningaloo - Whale Watching2Dive Ningaloo operates whale watching tours from August to November on our spacious 62ft boat.  Enjoy views from our flybridge, bow or back of the boat to see the whales from all angles.  Listen to the live whale song through the in water hydrophone.  We also have comfortable seats and plenty of sun and wind protection.

Join our no-frills, plenty of thrills, 2 hour whale watching tour, and spend the time viewing humpback whales and getting the photographs of a lifetime.

Whale Watching

Adult $80
Child $60
Senior $70

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