Muiron Islands - Dive Ningaloo

Muiron Islands

Ningaloo Reef – Muiron Islands

Dive Ningaloo - muirons 2These two islands are located only 9nm north of Exmouth. The Muirons are different to the west side of the peninsular in terms of coral life, even although they are located close by. Here there is an abundance of soft corals, gorgonians, and sponges fringing the islands, seen no-where else on the Ningaloo. Soft corals provide beautiful colours and movement in the water.  The islands also boast some incredible fish life, turtles, octopus, sharks,  and mantas to inhabit it.  Many of the sites also have swim throughs, filled with glass fish and cod. Our favourite site is a beautiful drift dive between the islands. If nudibranchs are your thing, then you’ll love these dives!  This is the Ningaloo at its best.

We visit the Muiron Islands all year round, Tuesday and Thursday. Pick up from 8am, return 4.30pm approx. The tour includes 2 dives/ snorkels at different sites, all equipment, dive guide, BBQ lunch and fresh salads, snacks and drinks included.

If Scuba diving is not for you, or if you are travelling with a diver- snorkellers are also welcome!  The Muiron Islands are also fantastic for snorkelling with lots of reef and protected spots. Check out our Eco Wildlife snorkel page for more info.

Murion Islands – Double dive $230

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Murion Islands – Snorkel $180

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